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This is a community for all Anime and Manga fans. It's a community all about Anime or Manga topic quizzes only or the results contain an Anime/Manga picture.

The Rules are simple:

- Do ONLY post quizzes with a Anime or Manga topic.

- Quizes with an Anime or Manga result-picture are allowed too.

- For more than 3 quizzes in the same post, use the lj-cut.

- Please, NO Hentai stuff! But if you think the world can't live without it, post it behind a warning cut, like 'Adults only!' because here read kids too!

Questions or wishes? Ask frostangel! All right! I hope you enjoy the community!


The Anime-Quizzes Community!

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Remember: You have to delete the three * to use it in your profile! Use the picture only for links to our community! Big thanks for the picture goes to Roseblossom!